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George A. Loegering

George was born in Minnesota 20 miles west of Lindbergh's boyhood home 9 years after the flight to Paris. Building flying models led to an aeronautical engineering degree and a commercial pilot license. George worked on fighters, then became a temperature control design specialist for the X-15, Gemini, Apollo, Lunar Lander and the Space Shuttle. This lead to design, analysis and test of thermal systems for weather, space exploration, communication, and reconnaissance satellites as well as launch vehicles and ballistic missiles. He supported two launches in a blockhouse at Cape Kennedy.

He has accumulated 10,500 hours during the past 40 years flying his Beechcraft Bonanzas flying all over Europe, South America, Canada, Alaska, Mexico, the Caribbean and the US. George retired to Trinity Center, California with his wife Julie in view of the Trinity Center Airport after a second career in construction and real estate development. He owns two of the 25 hangars he built there.

He was a member of the Trinity County Airport Advisory Board, a county Airport Land Use Commissioner and the AOPA ASN for the Weaverville Airport for a period of time. George has served as director and then Region 1 VP of the California Pilots Association for many years. George is a founding member of the Trinity County Pilots Association (a chapter of CPA) and past editor of the TCPA Tale Wind. He was also a member of ABS, EAA, WBS and Lions International. George was active in the Flying Samaritans to Baja California for many of the early years. He was the short story poet laureate for WBS. George had published stories and articles in the AOPA Pilot and for the ABS, WBS and TCPA periodicals.

George has now moved to Arizona were he manages his investments and real estate holdings and uses his aircraft in these activities as well as for fun travel. George is experienced in hangar promotion and construction as a means to make small airports self sustaining. George is dedicated to preserving the American heritage including the freedom of flight. He has flown 75 Young Eagles as participants in the EAA program to introduce aviation to our young people. Now he is trying to be a golfer.