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Pilot Safety Information

The AOPA Air Safety Foundation (ASF) has an online training program.

Many of the online safety seminars Satisfies the ground school requirement of the FAA "Wings" Pilot Proficiency Award Program, if you score 80% on the quiz. Upon successfully completing the online program, you can print out a graduation certificate. That certificate constitutes proof of graduation for the FAA.

Current seminars include:

  • Single Pilot IFR -- New (Qualifies for WINGS)
    Is Single-Pilot IFR safe? How can we make it safer? Organization, decision making, and effective communication are crucial elements of this type of flying. Take this interactive program to learn ways of improving your single-pilot IFR flying.

  • IFR Adventure: Rules to Live By. (Qualifies for WINGS)
    Learn about IFR regulations as you experience a realistic IFR flight.

  • Runway Safety Program How to avoid runway incursions (Qualifies for WINGS)

  • Know Before You Go: Navigating Today's Airspace.
    Keeping up with the latest regulations in airspace is a hot topic these days. A great refresher.

  • Runway Signage Flash Cards.
    To help pilots, student pilots and instructors to better understand runway signage.

  • SkySpotter.
    If we all submit pilot reports, we'll know what we're getting ourselves into or avoid getting into it. Co-sponsored by the FAA and the National Weather Service Aviation Weather Center.

Know Before You Go is designed to help pilots navigate safely and legally through the ever-shifting airspace environment and helps pilots understand what's required of them no matter what type of airspace they're in. Know Before You Go is an interactive program that not only teaches pilots about the challenges of security-related flight restrictions, but also reviews normal, everyday airspace issues as well.

Pilots taking the course Know Before You Go will learn how to interpret notams, especially temporary flight restriction (TFR) notams; how to safely operate in and around TFR and air defense identification zones (ADIZ) as well as flight restricted zones (FRZ); how to avoid getting intercepted, along with advice on what to do in the event of an intercept. The course even offers a printable "intercept memory card" to keep in your flight bag in case the worst happens.

Know Before You Go also offers useful flight planning tips for every type of airspace across the country, including how to document flight planning to defend yourself in the event of an enforcement action.